Vanessa Adolphson, Principal


San Juan High School NEWS

School is back in session for the Spring semester after a busy winter break. We are always in a time crunch meeting all the requirements for graduation as well as keeping our kids on track for the next school year. We have an amazing group of kids every year that want to learn and participate in community efforts, some of which include spring internships for auto, job placements, college field -trips, and volunteering at the local elementary schools

We are especially appreciative of the SJAA helping our girls participate in the Citrus Heights GFWC (General Federation of Women’s Club). This is an international program for girls. See details of the SJAA sponsorship of the program on Page 12. This program supports girls’ leadership development and all of our girls’ love joining in. Without the help of the SJAA in paying some of their membership dues, not all of them can join.

We want to thank SJAA’s Jerry Still ’60 for helping to orchestrate much needed updating in the front of the Boys’ Gym. The entrance looks great and our community members have all commented on the refresh! Jerry has also helped with getting plants and other materials to spruce up garden areas around the buildings that will be planted early spring with collaboration from the biology teacher, Mr. Simpson, and Marcia Arnold, School Monitor. We can’t thank Jerry enough for his expeditious handling of our needs.

We continue to appreciate all the alumni support we receive. You make such a difference in our student’s lives.

Thank you from all of us that get to work with these great kids each day. 

Special New Year’s Note 

From Ardi Ferris, SJUD Families in Transition Program

Thank you to the alumni, teachers and the Citrus Heights community for your generous donations! You raised over $4,000 that provided us with the ability to meet many student needs for food, bridging their family’s end of the month depletion of food stamps and the next month’s distribution. We were also able to provide beautiful turkey dinners for Christmas and whole ham dinners for New Years. 

Thank you for caring about our students, thank you for recognizing that without a community effort, we will perpetuate an unnecessary cycle of poverty and entitlement programs that help but are not the complete solution. 

Please continue your much-needed support if you can.
Give to the San Juan Alumni Association “Where the Need is Greatest” Fund


In earlier articles, we advised that many of our students have very basic needs. Can you help us to help more SJHS students? If you can, please drop any of the following items off at San Juan High School, the Principal’s Office, Monday – Friday (except holidays) between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. No donation is too small.

Non-Perishable Food Donations such as canned soups, stews, chili, canned fruits, boxes of macaroni and cheese, rice mixes, hamburger helper, canned meats such as tuna and chicken, canned vegetables, pasta, cereals, instant oatmeal, juice, peanut butter and jelly, cocoa etc. Grocery Store cards for fresh foods such as milk, eggs, cheese, and meat. You can also donate nutritional snacks that the school student support team will maintain in C-1 to help those kids in immediate need: noodle and macaroni cups, granola bars, fruit cups, crackers, nut snacks, pudding cups, rice crispy treats, licorice. We were blessed with a refrigerator this year so more variety is possible: individual servings of yogurt, lunchables, milk, juice etc. work well. Many of the kids do not have breakfast or lunch and often this is the only food they will have during the day. Recyclable bags are useful since paper bags often tear. There will be food drives before Thanksgiving, Winter Break, President’s Day and Spring breaks with requests for seasonal foods such as stuffing, yams, green bean casserole ingredients, instant mashed potatoes, gift cards for turkeys and rolls, hams, gravy, cranberry sauce, holiday dessert makings and so on. Also consider giving baby and pet food. We will be launching a Wal-Mart Food Registry to ease shopping. Simply print out list, shop, and check out-more to come about that in the fall.

Clothing such as jeans and any school clothes are the most in-demand items at the clothes closet. New socks, underwear, t-shirts, pajamas, slippers, sweatshirts, winter coats, hats, scarves, and gloves are always welcome donations for winter months along with fleece blankets. Everyday adult clothing is useful especially career clothes. Vouchers for PE uniforms and a variety of SJHS Spartan wear are also
appreciated as are shoe gift cards, new wallets and gently used handbags. Formal Shops are planned before homecoming in the fall and Prom in the spring.

Toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, lotion, combs, brushes, hair sprays and accessories, soap, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, lotion, feminine hygiene pads, Kleenex, Manicure items-nail clippers, files, disposable razors, and shaving cream, etc. These can be even the small travel size. Also,
laundry Soap in any size is needed.

School Supplies such as: pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, pens, rulers, lined paper, folders, notebooks, sheet protectors, back-packs, tri-fold project boards, combo locks, flash drives, earphones, usable laptops (please clean off your personal data) and tablets. Also needed are items helpful to extracurricular activities such as musical instruments, cameras, art supplies. Prom Angels are wanted to help with tickets, flowers, hairstyles and manicures, rentals, dinners. Donations for yearbooks, graduation gowns and tassels are appreciated.

Athletic Items such as mitts, cleats, baseballs, volleyballs, basketballs, other sports related equipment or uniform donations

San Juan High School accepts donations for students of families living in transition. If you wish to donate via a check, please make it payable to the ‘San Juan Alumni Association’ with “FIT donation” in the subject line. Checks can be mailed directly to the association at San Juan Alumni Association, PO Box 103, Citrus Heights, CA 95611-0103. You will receive a letter and a contribution statement for your tax returns.

Also, if you wish to volunteer in managing all of these gifts, please contact the Principal’s office. Please contact Ardi with questions and suggestions. or 916-971-7045.