Eileen Metzger, Scholarship Chair


Eileen Metzger, ‘63 

SJAA Newsletter – Issue #113 – February 2018

The exciting news is the San Juan Alumni Association will be offering 7 scholarships at $2,000 each for a total of $14,000 for 2018. The named scholarships for 2018 are:

  • Wayne Lyons ’60 Scholarship for $5,000
  • Robert G. Cornwell Scholarship for $3,000
  • Bob & Val (Eller) Baxter ’60 Scholarship for $2,500
  • Fred Kronsbein Scholarship for $2,000
  • Paul Krumhaus Scholarship for $2,000
  • the Pendergast Family Scholarship for $2,000
  • Diane (Markell) Wagner ’67, for $2,000.

The total scholarships being offered for 2018 will be 14 Scholarships for a total of $32,500. 

An update on the 2017 SJAA and Named Scholarship Recipients; Lizbeth Brambila-Medina, Bradley Cheungsomboun, Carissa Chiang, Ana Garcia, Mathew Gerlach, Noelle Nixon and Carlos Rodriquez have all applied for and received their first semester’s scholarships.

The following students, Elise Barillas, Nataliya Kryzhanivska, Casey Nutt and Vasilina Smirnova have not applied for their funds. 

  • Elise Barillas is attending CSU-Sacramento and has indicated she wants to wait until she really needs the funds she was awarded as a SJAA Scholarship Recipient. On a personal note, Elise has returned to San Juan High School as a volunteer Assistant Coach for the Girls Varsity Basketball Team. 
  • Nataliya Kryzhanivsk, is attending CSU-Sacramento (not CSU-Santa Cruz as noted on her application) only enrolled for 9 units so is not eligible to receive her funds until a semester where she will be enrolled for 12 units or more (full-time student). She also received an SJAA Scholarship. 
  • Casey Nutt received the Wayne Lyons’ Scholarship. He did not have enough units to begin his first year at American River College thus will enroll for the Spring, 2018. He is working full-time at the El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant on Sunrise Blvd. He is also changing his major to Biology and thinking of becoming a nurse. 
  • Vasilina Smirnova is attending CSU-Sacramento and is waiting until next semester to apply for the SJAA Scholarship funds partially provided by the Class of 1965. 

The effort for the 2018 Scholarship process for San Juan Seniors will begin in February, 2018 with interviews to take place on April 3-5 2018.