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SJAA President Dee Peacock

SJAA Newsletter – Issue #114 – September 2018

We hope you are having a great summer and are ready to start thinking about all the pumpkin and San- ta stuff because it is coming quicker than you think! Your SJAA Board has been working diligently through the summer to fine tune upcoming fundraisers and projects that we are involved within the Citrus Heights Community. 

Please note the three fundraising event articles and related flyers on pages 6, 7, and 8. We are excited to work with the SJHS administration, teachers, coaches and most of all the kids to help meet sports equipment needs. Something we are asking the district to review is even though all schools receive the same amount of money per student, lower enrollment schools cannot spread that money across as many programs, more specifically sports. So… whether it is football of 44 kids at a higher enrollment school or at a lower enrollment school, the cost is the same, there- fore there are few dollars at San Juan to create a great team. The kid’s hearts are there to play but the equipment, lights, team uniforms, ambulance services, referee dollars are not – the monies are just not available. We hope to bridge that gap and with parents, the community and your help; we believe we can! 

Lots of fun and lots of pictures at the Citrus Heights Red, White and Blue Parade in June. Our Committee Chair, Marcia (Harding) LeDoux, ’61, did a great job organizing our two floats and getting representatives from the association in the parade. The community was super responsive to all the fun and if you missed this year, plan to go next year. It is only an hour or so and really generates a lot of smiles! 

We supported the freshmen orientation effort held in the cafeteria on August 10, 2018 with over 170 kids registering this fall. So exciting to see the hard work Principal Vanessa Adolphson is doing to enroll more kids at San Juan. Lots of competition with open enrollment but SJHS offers lots of programs the other schools in our district do not have. Once we get the new sports program underway with the new Athletic Director, Freddie Bryant, and almost all new team coaches, more excitement will be generated to attend San Juan. 

There is an organization in Citrus Heights, sponsored by city government called “The Collaborative.” The organization has been around since 1999 and works to solve many low-income family, immigrant and refugee, home- less veterans and students in transition issues. Because of our desire to enhance the support for our homeless students, the SJAA is very much involved. We are currently working on solutions to make the many programs the Collaborative members offer centralized in one location which we are hoping will be near the school. If this can come about, the students will have better access to food subsidies, clothing, job opportunities and improved access for medical and related health care. We will keep you posted on the outcome in coming e-newsletters. 

We are still looking for volunteers. If you can just spare a little time once in a while, it would be a great help. In November we will be assessing the viability of our cur- rent efforts and our aging Board members in keeping these efforts going in 2019. It would be very sad and a true adverse impact on the school if we have to minimize our efforts. Please think about it. We have produced so much good will and student assistance over the years. It would be sad to see it terminated. 

I especially want to thank our key team once again for all their hard work throughout the year but especially this summer. Thanks to Kathy (Pendergast) Sasabuchi, ‘73, Larry Fritz, ’73, Jerry Still, ‘60, Charlie Ruiz, ’91, Eileen Metzger, ’63, Bill Wharton, ‘64, Lynn (Townsend) Ad- ams, ’73, Marcia (Harding) Le Doux, ’61, Pat (Midkiff) Schmid, ’68 and Eltha (Tremp) Hannum, ’49, Louise (Ennenga) Brown, ’52, Rick Engvall, ’73, Richard Guisti, ’65, Lucinda Luttgen, ’56, Warren McWilliams, ’51 and Dick Cowan ‘64 for keeping things moving in the right direction and responding at a moment’s notice when there is a need. They are just the best team you could ask for and often work behind the scenes with little recognition for their efforts.

Hope to see you soon! 
A message from our past President of the San Juan Alumni Association, Dick Cowan

Welcome Message from Dick Cowan SJAA President