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SJAA President Dee Peacock

SJAA Newsletter – Issue #115 – February 2019


We are busy at the SJAA planning for the future of the organization and the future of scholarships for our SJHS students. There is much to do in keeping monies flowing in so we can help our SJHS students.

Over the last few years, we have shared a lot of information about the make-up of the school student body today and the changing of our community needs. Just to reiterate an important point, about 80% of the student population receive their breakfasts and lunches at school. The SJAA has recognized the need and has been an organization dedicated to making a difference in student’s lives.

We have supported many families in transition by providing clothing, toiletries, food, backpacks and other needs as families get on their feet. And it is working. We don’t ask questions. We just help. There are so many success stories that are heart-warming, it is difficult to know where to begin (but there are privacy considerations). However, our efforts, subsidized by you, have seen our SJHS students become doctors, lawyers, heads of corporations, actors, and other leadership positions in other professions. Plus – and as equally important – they know the importance of “paying it forward.”

Tough times never last but tough people do!
– Robert Schuller

Some of you believe that our newsletter is another vehicle to request donations. And it is. However, our purpose for those donated dollars is focused on opportunities to create a positive change in lives who are just waiting for a little help. By our helping, we are the impetus for that change that a student seeks and the community, our state, our nation and our world “all” benefit from it. 

Over the last year, we have evaluated the potential to expand student scholarships to include many trade school programs. We recognize that not all students either can or want to attend college programs at what- ever level. SJHS’s own auto shop program enables students to graduate with certificates of accomplishment that enable them to obtain employment automobile industry that earn them an opportunity to start working at $60,000 a year. They won’t be hungry anymore. This is how change in our communities will be impacted positively. 

On page four (of our newsletter), our Acting Scholarship Chair, Kathy Sasabuchi, provides a brief overview of our forth- coming Scholarship Application and Interview efforts to begin this month. Results will be shared with you later this spring. Without your support, these efforts and awards would not be possible. Thank you is not adequate for all of the appreciation expressed by the awardees. They know and understand that these awards are their chance to change their lives.

Lastly, we are seeking to identify individuals (like you) who can provide additional viewpoints, considerations, opportunities and advice as we begin a new approach to our fundraising efforts. Please note our meeting times on the calendar and please know that you are welcome to attend any of them.

This year we are taking into consideration:
  • Use of professional fundraising to help more kids
  • Substantial increase to the SJAA endowment to reduce future fundraising efforts
  • Expand scholarships to trade programs
  • Make annual donors automatic members
Will you join us to help improve in our efforts?

If you’re able, please make a donation in any amount in the ways listed below. Your donation will help to change young lives for the better.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!
A message from our past President of the San Juan Alumni Association, Dick Cowan

Welcome Message from Dick Cowan SJAA President