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Dick Cowan, ’64, SJAA President for the last 11 years has passed the gavel over to our newly voted in President, Dee Peacock (Deloris Worthington ’64). Dick has been a great president – always smiling – always able to convince people to get in the game and help with so many activities over the years. His undying enthusiasm and professionalism that supported many efforts are applauded by the Citrus Heights community, the SJHS administration, teachers and students and all of us who have served with him at the SJAA. We are grateful that he has agreed to stay on as a member of the newly formed SJAA Executive Committee created by our new president and the desired new position for a Fundraising Chair.
Thank you, Dick, for everything you have done and ensuring the many successes the SJAA has experienced under your leadership. 
Additional changes include Campus Liaison Position put into a “hold” mode as our new President is going to work directly with SJHS Principal, Vanessa Adolphson, to meet this need. Jerry Still, ’60, will support the new president by managing the activities related to Campus Grants and Eileen Metzger, ’63, stepping down from the Campus Support Liaison position will continue to manage the annual SJAA scholarship award and related activities. Both of these outstanding volunteers have served in many capacities in the association and deserve much credit for student needs being met.
Marcia Harding, ’61, is stepping down as Class Liaison but will retain her position as the Citrus Heights Education SJAA Representative and Annual Red, White & Blue Parade. Patti Burden, ’64, has agreed to take over these duties on an interim basis until we can find a permanent volunteer. Please contact Patti at to obtain information that will support your class reunions and to get your information out on the SJAA website, SJAA Facebook and the newsletter.
New chairs that have been assigned include Larry Fritz, ’73, SJHS Enrollment Support Chair, Lucinda Ernst Luttgen, ’56, San Juan Scholarship Promise Chair, Charlie Ruiz, ’91, Athletic Hall of Fame Fundraising Chair and Sports Support Coordinator, and Jerry Still, ’60, heading up the All Class 2018 Picnic.


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