Dee (Worthington) Peacock ‘64

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SJAA Newsletter – Issue #113 – February 2018

WOW, did I ever hit the ground running! Having had several conversations and many meetings with Dick Cowan, ‘64 and Larry Fritz, ‘73 among other Board members as to my consideration for taking on such a big job, we were able to put many things into place to make sure that we maximize a new SJAA administration start for the Spring SJAA activities. It is a little daunting to follow in so many super hard workers who have paved the way for a busy new presidency. We all thank Dick and the many SJAA Presidents who have volunteered many hours to accomplish the mission and annual goals that have enabled us to be a positive and successful organization. I am hoping with many of our new volunteers, we can continue their legacies. Thank you for having faith in me to carry these duties on.
As mentioned earlier, we are implementing our by-laws approved Executive Committee in an effort to expedite many of the projects that we have planned for 2018. We do not want our volunteers to have to wait to obtain funds to support their efforts or have to go through many hoops to obtain permissions to go forward. In addition, the Executive Committee will be here to support whatever the volunteer’s needs are through guidance, complying with our bylaws or other regulatory requirements. We also have several new committee chairs which are listed below that we think will maximize our efforts each year to support the school.

The Board is considering trying some new things for 2018. We have already been successful in getting a number of teachers to come on board to help with tutoring students for free at the school. We are also expanding our efforts to defray student costs of participating in sports and improving the overall sports program at SJHS.

In addition, we are supporting SJHS Principal, Vanessa Adolphson, in her efforts to increase enrollment. Marketing materials are being developed and we believe with the efforts discussed above, we can improve her competitive edge. As a part of our enrollment support, the Board has approved increasing our current scholarship amounts from $1,500 to $2,000 per year. We anticipate that in the spring of this year, we will issue over $32K in scholarships for both academic and vocational opportunities for advanced education. We are also evaluating a much higher dollar value for scholarships and are working through potential opportunities to enhance our program; we will keep you posted.

The Board has voted to enable local businesses or individuals to participate in the SJAA as Associate members. The support of the Citrus Heights community for SJHS has been great, and we hope to involve local businesses more in supporting kids with jobs and other assistance that is needed.

We are really fortunate to have great volunteers, so no job in the SJAA is overwhelming or prevents the travel that many of us retiree volunteers enjoy.

Students in Transition Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Baskets
We can’t thank you enough for the tremendous support you have provided in meeting 40 families food needs over recent extended student holiday breaks. We have learned just how much the need is appreciated and stretches families’ government food program dollars. However, we know there is even a greater need in the Citrus Heights community and are initiating efforts to meet this need through multiple resources. We will keep you posted on our efforts. If you have ideas or can help with this effort in any way, please give me a call or email me.

Newsletter Distribution and Monthly SJAA Activity Reporting
To reduce costs, the SJAA Board has voted to issue only two hardcopy newsletters, one in February to support Spring activities and one in September for the Fall Activities. To take its place, we intend to issue monthly mini-reports. Our goal is to keep you abreast of all the current association activities and to provide you with more current news on your classmates. We have tried surveying members to determine what their preference is and the response has been 50/50 to go totally email or remain hardcopy. Soooo…. we split our efforts. Hope you find the emailed color versions enjoyable! They will be sent to your email addresses we have on file. So please let us know if you want to change your email address or add one to be sure you stay up-to-date with what’s happening! (Note: Just as a quick note: this newsletter is limited on classmate activities due to unforeseen circumstances experienced by our classmate coordinator. We appreciate your patience.) 

A message from our past President of the San Juan Alumni Association, Dick Cowan

Welcome Message from Dick Cowan SJAA President