Dick Cowan SJAA President

San Juan Alumni Association – President’s Report

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Hello Spartans! Things are always very busy here at the association. Our SJAA scholarship recipients have been selected (see page 1) and soon another class of seniors at San Juan will become Alumni. Time does go by fast – can you remember how exciting it was for you these last months of high school?

For some San Juan students, this time nearing graduation is a little tougher than for others. San Juan Principal, Vanessa Adolphson, has alerted us that there are many San Juan students who are actually homeless, live in shelters or are in the Foster Care program and who will age out at 18 and be on their own. We are bringing you into the discussion as to their issues and how we might become a force in helping not only this year’s kids but the coming years’ kids that are in the same situation. An article, entitled Students Living in Transition and authored by our SJAA Vice President, Larry Fritz, ‘73, is on page 11 highlights the issues these students face. We encourage you to read it and if you can find any way to offer time, effort, donated goods or dollars to meet this situation head on, not only will the kids be grateful but our community will be too. Things that can be donated for the SJHS Rummage Sales and other needed items are listed on page 12 under article heading Please Help SJHS Students; Donate: Goods, Services, $$$. Recognizing that many of these students may not have the money to purchase graduation robes, prom dresses, suits and ties, and Greenback Notes yearbooks – things that just seem to be a celebratory part of one’s transition into college or the working world – things that almost all of us enjoyed, the SJHS ASSETS Program spear-headed a drive for donations to ensure that no student wasn’t prepared for these fun and memorable once in a lifetime events. In an amazing spontaneous show of Spartan support, the need was met. The kids were excited and sooooo happy and grateful! Please see Principal, Vanessa Adolphson’s special thank you to everyone on page 10. What a great day for both volunteers and students! Very rewarding! Thank you to all who have supported this event: the SJHS ASSETS Program, the SJAA team and supporting members, community members and local businesses. And a special recognition goes to the SJHS administration and faculty – who never cease to amaze me with their continuous demonstration of how committed they are to the SJHS students.

The SJAA provides grants each year to campus clubs or teachers who submit ideas for projects that District funds cannot support. As you can see by the chart on page 13, there is still much need. We are seeing more clearly that there are needs the current Spartans and San Juan have that we want to help with but we need more volunteers to support us in fund-raisers to meet these needs.
I also want to thank you all for taking the effort to vote on our bylaws amendments. We had an odd situation where our bylaws had created some requirements that we could not meet, and probably never had. But we wanted to be sure that, if our bylaws called for a style of governing the Association, we were actually doing it just precisely as the bylaws called for. Our SJAA secretary, Pat Midkiff Schmid, ’68, put a lot of time into the bylaws and voting. Thanks again, Pat.

Don’t forget the 2016 All Class Picnic – please get it on your calendars. 

I almost always end with a call for you to join us in the fun we have working with current San Juan students, helping alums contact each other to maintain old friendships, and helping with reunions. We are so grateful for all you do; I hesitate to ask for more. But I know you will be smiling as I always am, when working for San Juan High and each student.


Welcome Message from Dick Cowan SJAA President